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Innaxis is a private, non-profit research institute that addresses complex scientific challenges of significant social and economic impact in different sectors: aviation, transport, ICT, life sciences and social sciences.

We are devoted to the promotion of Data Science and Complexity Science. We work in open partnership with leading experts from academia, research and industry to identify relevant problems and to conceive innovative formulations and sustainable solutions..

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NLP Evaluation

Author: PAULA LÓPEZ Natural Language Processing techniques can be used for a wide range of applications based on several capabilities: Information retrieval: finding

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...We invite open-minded individuals and institutions to join us to work together in the exciting adventure of establishing a dialogue between science and society...

Innaxis designs interdisciplinary approaches that combine data science, physics, mathematical modelling, nonlinear dynamical systems and computational simulation. Complexity and Data Science opens many opportunities for innovation in different fields where significant societal and technological barriers exist.

Innaxis focuses on finding solutions to problems which exhibit systemic complexity, due to the interaction between multiple autonomous agents, the kind and amount of data involved and to the diversity of organisational forms of time and space scales. In particular, aviation, transport and traffic management systems have been our main area of activity as the combination of complex structures and stakeholders relationships with innovative technologies produce unexpected challenges to the traditional way of approaching scientific research.

Other areas in which we are interested and continue exploring science and technological opportunities are the energy systems, life sciences, environmental challenges, social sciences and the evolution of macroeconomic and its relationship with sustainable development and globalisation.


Some Facts

With each completed project we’re driven for harder challenges, new research threads and complex innovation.We have fun innovating, and as a result we deliver better results.


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Our Team

We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Innaxis counts with a very interdisciplinary group of researchers, scientists, mathematicians and engineers who work hard to solve the most challenging problems. The team has been growing since 2007 and holds a wide complementary range of skills, education, and training. The professional backgrounds forms a mixture of creativity and technical skills; establishing landmarks across different areas within the aviation, transport, ICT, social sciences, life sciences and energy sectors.

It is with the efficient teamwork of researchers, software engineers, data scientists, physicists, designers, mathematicians, aerospace engineers, social scientists and PhD students that Innaxis can discover new, innovative ways to provide novel insights on the performance of complex systems, knowledge discovery and data mining. The research completed would not be feasible without the support of Innaxis legal, financial, administrative, communication and marketing individuals.

Additionally, frequent collaborations with universities, industry, think tanks, governments, NGOs, international organisations and agencies enrich the quality of the things we do.



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...We invite open-minded individuals and institutions to join us to work together in the exciting adventure of establishing a dialogue between science and society...

Performance & Efficiency

Understanding uncertainty in (air) transport operations
(Air) Transport Network congestion prediction
Air Traffic Management Performance assessment
Fuel optimization techniques: Dynamic cost index

Data Science

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
Visualization and data-driven Dashboards
Massive data analytics, scalable algorithms. Cloud
Secure multi-party computation. Secure data sharing


Safety intelligence
Data-driven metrics for safety monitoring
Predictive analytics for safety
Safety performance indicators

Metrics & Mobility

Network performance and resilience metrics
Door-to-door mobility metrics
Passenger-oriented metrics. Mobility intelligence
Environmental impact assessment


Recent projects

...We invite open-minded individuals and institutions to join us to work together in the exciting adventure of establishing a dialogue between science and society...


Data Science in Aviation

A site promoted by The Innaxis Research Institute to encourage the aviation community to use data analytic techniques to strengthen existing operational concepts and envision new ways to build safer and more efficient aviation systems.



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