August 3, 2015 Paula

Visual Communication Specialist position at Innaxis

Innaxis is seeking a Visual Communication Specialist to join its research and development team in a variety of projects. As a member of the team, you are joining a very interdisciplinary group of researchers, scientists, mathematicians and engineers that work for private companies and public institutions on solving the most challenging problems, ensuring their work is properly communicated through documents, digital media (including websites, video, presentations), events and potentially other communications means.

A mixture of creativity and technical skills are required to complement the skill set of a team that has worked in the last 5 years achieving landmarks in terms of network performance analyses across different areas. The ideal candidate has a passion for developing our brand image, through documents, conceptual graphics, video, presentations, web sites and data visualisation projects, perhaps beyond his/her areas of expertise, by coordinating with third party support as needed.

Requirements are as follows:

  • Degree or education on Fine Arts, Communication or a technical education degree with emphasis on aesthetics, like Architecture.
  • Solid design and conceptual representation skills.
  • Tastefulness and artful conception of data visualization and infographics.
  • An existing portfolio would be appreciated and positively evaluated.
  • Passion for data visualisation on top of current thinking and trends would be appreciated.
  • Fluency in English: it is the working language at Innaxis!

Technical skills that may be relevant in the evaluation:

  • Web publishing and web editing technologies: WordPress, HTML, CSS3.
  • Proficiency in documents editing and graphic tools.
  • Any visualisation technologies experience or interests are appreciated.
  • Video editing knowledge is a plus
  • Some extent of analytical thinking (e.g. programming skills, mathematical language, basic physics understanding) would also be a plus

Interested candidates should send their detailed CV and relevant information to

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