Innaxis holds parallel session at The European Future Technologies Conference and Exhibition (FET11)

Carlos Alvarez, President of The Innaxis Foundation & Research Institute chaired the parallel session, “Complex Systems for an ICT-enabled Energy System¨ at The European Future Technologies Conference and Exhibition (FET11) held this past 4-6 May in Budapest, Hungary.

FET11 aims to provide a unique forum dedicated to future and emerging information technologies. It proves to be successful in bringing together scientists, policy makers, industrialists, and other stakeholders to discuss the latest breakthroughs and challenges within the industry.

The parallel session organised by Innaxis explored the ways in which Complex Systems science has had a role in the modelling, control, simulation, and governance of the future Energy System. Within the session a foundation was laid for a new research community to be able to formulate innovative approaches to help pave the way for future European-scale initiatives.

Other speakers included:

Pablo Viejo, European Institute for Energy Research,

Nikos Hatziargyrio, National Technical University of Athens, and

Daniele Miorandi, The ComplexEnergy Project

An insightful discussion was held throughout the session as a wide variety of professionals were brought together including some from Salzburg Research, Innova, and Smartlab-University of Genova.

Copies of the ComplexEnergy White Paper were also distributed to the attendees.

The presentation given by Carlos Alvarez introducing and kicking off the parallel session can be downloaded here.

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ComplexEnergy 2nd Workshop proves successful

Innaxis and Create-Net lead the preparation of the Research Roadmap.

On November 16th, The Innaxis Foundation & Research Institute along with Create-Net organised the second workshop of the ComplexEnergy project, putting together a group of experts from the ICT, Energy and ComplexSystems field. The goal of the workshop was to discuss the future roadmap for energy research in the context of complexity science and ICT fields.

The meeting was quite productive thanks to the scientific and technical level of the different experts. At the workshop officials from the European Commission also advised the best strategies for fostering research in this area. Innaxis and Create-Net will lead the preparation of a Research Roadmap that will take form of a public deliverable to the European Commission during the first quarter of 2011.

More information on the ComplexEnergy project and in the Energy/ICT/Complex systems research fields in general can be found on

Innaxis publishes White Paper on Energy research

On September the 24th we submitted the final version of the ComplexEnergy White Paper to the European Commission. It has been already sent to the participants and interested individuals and is published on the ComplexEnergy website:

ComplexEnergy is an initiative led by The Innaxis Foundation and Research Institute and Create-Net with the purpose of bridging the ICT, Energy, and Complex Systems research communities. ComplexEnergy aims to find out challenging and innovative research threads which improve the understanding and modelling of energy systems from a comprehensive perspective, conceiving them as Complex Systems.

The White Paper discusses why the Energy System can be understood as a Complex System and how Complexity Science can contribute in improving its understanding and predictability. The White Paper is the result of a coordinated effort between researchers of the three fields who have contributed interesting ideas and fruitful comments to the document.

Innaxis believes in promoting this innovative idea and looking at challenges from a different perspective. The White Paper is a significant accomplishment for the ComplexEnergy initiative and we hope to continue to move forward in this direction. To read the White Paper please click here, we hope the document will catalyze new ideas and further development on this frontier. All comments and questions are welcomed at:

ComplexEnergy is supported by the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme within the ICT theme of the Seventh Framework Programme.



ComplexEnergy White Paper Draft Now Available

The Innaxis Foundation & Research Institute along with CREATE-NET are pleased to publish a draft of the ComplexEnergy White Paper.

After many revisions and discussions, a first draft of the ComplexEnergy White Paper has become available. Members of the Expert Panel also contributed to the advancement of the White Paper and will continue to do so until the paper becomes finalised.

The White Paper is one of the deliverables for the ComplexEnergy initiative. The project, funded by the European Commission´s 7th Framework Programme, focusses on Complex Systems for an ICT-enabled Energy System. The activities of the project can be described as the following:

  • Bridge the gap between Complex Systems, ICT and Energy research communities.
  • Identify the potential of ICT-enabled energy modelling, control, and management solutions built on the results of Complex Systems Science.
  • Propose future FET initiatives at the junction of ICT, Energy and Complex Systems.
  • Magnification of the level of awareness, at European scale, of the potential impact of advanced ICT techniques implementing concepts and tools from Complex Systems research for the design and governance of the energy system.

The draft version of the White Paper can be found on the ComplexEnergy website here .  The draft is intended to stimulate discussion and comments from the public. Considering that the ComplexEnergy initiative is a crossover between the ICT, Energy, and Complex Systems disciplines, many professionals are sure to find the paper interesting.

Any type of feedback and comments are welcomed and can be sent to: .

ComplexEnergy holds first workshop

Innaxis & Create-Net bring together members of the Expert Panel in Venice.

The first workshop, held on the 13th and 14th of April in Venice, proved to be successful with great brainstorming focus sessions that discussed the project´s first White Paper.

The workshop commenced with an introduction of the members of Innaxis and Create-Net, and also a detailed introduction on the ComplexEnergy initiative. Afterwards, each member of the Expert Panel that was in attendance made a short presentation about their background and vision concerning the project.

Following the presentations, the rest of the workshop advanced around four different focus sessions:

  1. Energy-related issues, challenges, and potential impact
  2. Complex Systems Methodologies and Tools
  3. Role of Complex Systems in Smart Energy Systems
  4. Relevant Scientific Communities, Possible Topics and Impacts

These focus sessions help brainstorm thoughts and ideas concerning the first White Paper that will be delivered in August. The advancements made from the workshop will be integrated into the White Paper and will continue to be developed. It is expected to have fairly thorough draft version of the White Paper around the 30th of May.

If you´d like to contact us concerning ComplexEnergy, please email .

More information can be found through the ComplexEnergy website and blog.

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