The project

The project

SafeClouds is the only data-related project of H2020- "Addressing aviation safety challenges" MG3.1-2016 call. It was launched October 2016, with a duration of 36 months

Objectives · Who we are · Work completed


SafeClouds proposes a [big] data-driven approach to achieve a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the system, where risks are pro-actively identified and mitigated. This will be achieved through the following objectives:

  • · A user-requirements driven approach for data mining in aviation safety. Two concrete implementation scenarios will be considered: airline operations perspective (SafeOps) and runway safety perspective (SafeRunway).
  • · Novel data structures and safety knowledge representation.
  • · Develop the proof of concept and validate in a laboratory the safety data analysis paradigms
  • · Assembling a group of entities that encompass the entire data-cycle for a unified, achievable vision for the future of safety analytics in Europe

Who we are

SafeClouds is coordinated by Innaxis, and there are 15 entities (airlines, ANSPs, EASA, EUROCONTROL, research, academia and national safety agencies) from 8 different countries:

  • INX: The Innaxis Foundation and Research Institute · Spain · Coordinator
  • FRA: Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. · Germany · ICT
  • ECTL: European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation · Belgium · ANSP, Network manager
  • TUD: Delft University of Technology · Netherlands · Research & Academia
  • NOR: Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA · Airline
  • PEG: Pegasus Airlines · Turkey · Airline
  • IBE: Iberia · Spain · Airline
  • TAD: Tadorea Innovation SARL · France · ICT
  • LFV: Luftfartsverket · Sweden · ANSP
  • AEA: AirEuropa · Spain · Airline
  • VLG: Vueling Airlines · Spain · Airline
  • CRIDA: Centro de Referencia de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación ATM, A.I.E. · Spain · Research & ANSP
  • TUM: Technische Universität München · Germany · Research & Academia
  • LIU: Linköping University · Sweden · Research & Academia
  • EASA: European Aviation Safety Agency · Germany · Safety Agency
  • AESA: Agencia Estatal Seguridad Aerea · Spain · Safety Agency


Cool Timeline

Nov 15 at the IATA Aviation Data Symposium

Project presentation at the IATA ADS by the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA)

Oct 17

Consortium Meeting in Stockholm

Presenting progress on data preparation and initial infrastructure.

Sep 29

5th Data Science in Aviation workshop

2017 edition of this annual event presenting data science techniques and applications to aviation safety, environment and efficiency.

Apr 04

Meeting with airlines and ANPS, Munich

Data-related meeting (airlines, ANSPs and consortium) on the scenarios and use-cases selected within WP2

Jan 16

ANSPs meeting in Brussels

Scenario definition and selection with LFV, Eurocontrol, ENAIRE and Austrocontrol

Dec 14

Meeting with airlines in Barcelona

Scenario selection and definition with Air Europa, Iberia, Norwegian, Pegasus and Vueling

Oct 06

Madrid – Kick-off Meeting

SafeClouds officially launched

Work completed

We will publish here the completed project deliverables to that you can know everything about SafeClouds.