April 23, 2014 inxweb

Presenters needed for Agent-Based Modelling Webinar

The ¨Using Qualitative Data to Develop Rules for Agent-Based Modelling¨ webinar is to be hosted in early June. The webinar coordinators, Rachel Aldred from the University of Westminster and Melania Borit from the University of Tromsø Norway, are seeking presenters and participants.

The webinar will focus on work in progress that is using qualitative data to develop rules for ABM. The format is likely to involve short (10-20 minute) presentations as well as time for discussion, comments, and reflection.

If you are interested in offering a short presentation or joining in the discussions following the presentations, please email Rachel at r.aldred@westminster.ac.uk and Melania at melania.borit@uit.no. Please include the reasons for your interest and if you will be offering a presentation. Also please note that you will need reliable internet connection, a headset, and an updated Java program enabled on your computer to participate.


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