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This invitation is open until 09 March 2018

Defining the thematic challenges

The thematic challenges embrace both applied and exploratory research. Engage promotes the domination of the former, since the latter will also be addressed by the PhDs/theses supported by the KTN, where purely 'blue sky' research is encouraged. Thematic challenges will be defined in collaboration with the KTN industry partners and through proposals received below. Each thematic challenge will have one or more dedicated, thematic workshop(s), and dedicated session(s) at the SIDs will also be organised (selecting the best work from the workshops). Four to six thematic challenges will be running at any one time, and may be adapted and refined during the lifecycle of the KTN (e.g. some could be replaced by new ones). The first announcement of selected challenges will be made in March-April 2018, with workshops being organised from May 2018 onwards.

Thematic workshops supporting the challenges

Each thematic workshop will last one day, organised by the consortium members with those proposing the corresponding thematic challenge and, potentially, with (other) KTN industry partners and external/interdisciplinary experts. The workshops are fully open to anyone interested in the thematic challenge, particularly welcoming delegates and students from outside the consortium, and will be free of charge to attend. The workshops will have a strong emphasis on discussion regarding the maturing of the challenges, with facilitated discussion, rather than simply packing in a series of presentations. If you would like to host a workshop associated with your proposed thematic challenge, please indicate this below. Attendance is expected to be around 30 participants, with some budget available from the network for catering and external/interdisciplinary experts and speakers. No budget is available for room hire or equipment. Please note that indicating that you are unable to host a workshop will not affect the selection of the thematic challenge you propose. If you are unable to host a workshop, or prefer not to, a consortium member will gladly host it for you. We will also write up and disseminate a public report afterwards.

You are entirely free to make any proposal you consider appropriate

Example: Integrating human factors, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Taking automation to the next level with the use of cutting-edge procedures from artificial intelligence. How to manage the augmentation of human capabilities and changes in working methods and practices. Specific example: using machine learning to help with passenger reaccommodation / terminal management challenges, better integration with A-CDM and with big data.

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Suggest a thematic challenge
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This is not binding at this stage. You will need at least one partner later on if you wish to apply for catalyst funding.
Please note that indicating that you are unable to host a workshop will not affect the selection of the thematic challenge you propose.

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