The project

The project

DATASET2050 is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) on Mobility (involving air transport segments) funded by European Commission under H2020- “Aviation Research and Innovation Policy,” GA640353.

It was launched December 2014, with a duration of 36 months

Objectives · Who we are · Completed work 

Some project results

Door-to-door time distributions

->click on the image to open the D3.js dynamic visualization and discover the different passenger profiles metrics per door-to-door segment(s)!

Map: door-to-door time reachability

->click on the image to open the dynamic visualization: click departure point and tune the bar on the top to know where you can reach in X minutes/hours

Map: door-to-door price reachability

-> click on the image to open the dynamic visualization: click departure point and tune the bar on the top to know where you can reach with a budget of X €uros!

Objectives and highlights

  • ・Insights into the door-to-door European travel paradigm for the current, 2035 and 2050 transport scenarios, through a cutting edge data science approach.
  • ・DATASET2050 puts the passenger at the centre, paving the way for a seamless, efficient door-to-door travelling experience.
  • ・Analysing how the European transport supply profile (capacity, connections, business models, regulations, intermodality, processes, infrastructure) could adapt to the evolution of the demand profile (customers, demographics, passenger expectations, requirements).
  • ・Through expert application of state-of-art predictive analytics, modelling, statistical analyses, data science and data visualisation, with an examination of multimodal data. Check Mercury tool here
  • ・The insights gained through the project’s approach will highlight research needs towards the four hour door-to-door goal formulated by ACARE.
  • ・DATASET2050 partners are  supported by an Advisory Board, comprised of top European transport Entities  and a comprehensive dissemination and communication plans (including workshops)

Who we are

DATASET2050 has been brought to you by the the Innaxis Foundation and Research Institute, Eurocontrol, Bauhaus Luftfahrt and the University of Westminster

  • ・Innaxis: Private Spanish research institute focused on complexity and data Science in air transport operations. With 10+ years experience in mobility and aviation research, both in low and medium TRL contexts.
  • ・EUROCONTROL: The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, EUROCONTROL, was founded in 1963. It is an intergovernmental organisation supporting its member states in the development, implementation and operation of a seamless, performance driven pan-European Air Traffic Management network. EUROCONTROL is a civil – military organisation with currently 39 member states.
  • ・University of Westminster: The University of Westminster (Department of Planning and Transport) has been engaged in air transport research, consultancy, and teaching for 40 years. In the last decade, mobility research has been a core part of the Department's research with particular emphasis on economics, operations and performance.
  • ・Bauhaus Luftfahrt is a public research institution funded by the four aerospace companies Airbus Group, Industrieanlagen-Betriebsgesellschaft (IABG), Liebherr-Aerospace and MTU Aero Engines as well as grants of the Bavarian Ministry for Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology. The non-profit association is an internationally-oriented think tank.


Cool Timeline

November 27

Belgrade – Final DATASET2050 dissemination event

Celebrated at Belgrade University (FTTE). It mixed presentation and external feedback, done in conjunction with ASDA Multimodality Tournament and as part of SESAR Innovation Days 2017
September 20

Madrid – D2D Mobility Workshop organized by DATASET2050

Full day mobility workshop organized by the DATASET2050 consortium in Google Campus Madrid premises: 10+ consortium plus external speakers presentations
September 19

Madrid – DATASET2050 presentation at CATER

DATASET2050 results presented by Hector Ureta at the CATER CSA final event (Coordinating Air Transport Time Efficiency Research) .
March 23

Brussels-DATASET2050 and ACARE WG1-SRIA update

DATASET2050 presentation to the ACARE WG1 (Mobility) in the context of the SRIA (Strategic Research Innovation Agenda) update
February 15

London – WP5 (D5.2 and D5.3) launched

Planning for 2017 year activities / events / scientific tasks consolidated.
September 14

Transport Supply/demand modelling

Several consortium technical meetings and telecons (Winter 2016, Spring 2017) consolidating the supply/demand transport elements and their integration in the model.
July 12

London – DATASET consortium meeting

Including all project partners and the EC Project Officer: Mindaugas Laurinavicius.
July 12

London – 1st Workshop EU door-to-door mobility

DATASET2050 consortium is pleased to host and coordinate the first workshop examining EU door-to-door mobility.
December 17

Madrid – Data model, D3.1 and D4.1 KOM

This face to-face meeting was organized in Madrid by the end of the year to align all the key partners involved both in the supply and demand profiles (D3.1 and D4.1), additionally to the data-related tasks and model (WP2).
March 26

London – WP2-WP3-WP4-model KOM

DATASET2050 Technical WPs Kick-off-Meeting took place during first months of 2015. A face to-face meeting was organized with all the key partners involved both in the supply and demand profiles, additionally to Innaxis the partner in charge of the data tasks and model.

Completed work

D2.1 - Data requirements and acquisition

(UoW) Tanner, G., Cook, A.J., Delgado, L., Graham, A.,


D2.2 - Data driven model

(INX) Cristobal, S., Ureta, H.; (UoW) Gurtner, G., Cook, A.J


D3.1 - Current demand profile

(BHL) Kluge, U.; Paul, A.


D3.2 - Future demand profile

(BHL) Kluge, U.,Paul,A.; (UoW) Tanner, G., Cook, A.J.,


D4.1 - Current supply profile

(EUROCONTROL) Hullah, P., Kirby, S., (UoW) Cook, A.J., Tanner, G., Graham, A., (INX) Ureta, H.,Cristobal,S


D4.2 - Future Supply Profile

(UoW) Tanner, G., Cook, A.J., Gurtner, G., Graham, A., Delgado, L.,


D5.1 - Mobility assessment (metrics)

(EUROCONTROL) Hullah, P., Kirby, S., (UoW) Cook, A.J., Tanner, G., Gurtner, G., (INX)Ureta, H., Cristobal, S., Gómez, I.


D5.2 - Assessment execution

(INX)Ureta, H., Cristobal, S., Belkoura, S., Gómez, I. ; (UoW) Cook, A.J., Tanner, G., Gurtner, G., ; (BHL) A. Paul, U. Kluge ; (EUROCONTROL) Hullah, P.



D5.3 - Novel concept foundations for European mobility

(BHL) A. Paul, U. Kluge