January 15, 2018

DATASET2050 goodbye



After the hundreds of days (36 months!) working hard in the project + corresponding proposal…

After the 3 successful events specifically organised by the project (London, Madrid, Belgrade)…

After the more than 30 DATASET2050 posts tackling mobility-related topics…

After the tens of scientific papers, deliverables and even a book chapter written around door-to-door and mobility topics…

After 3 always supportive European Commission project officers (Ivan, Mindaugas, Andreas)…

After the massive efforts dealing with the endless lists of mobility datasets reviewed, used and implemented in our model… (http://visual.innaxis.org/mobilityDataSETs/)

After hundreds of millions of passengers being modelled/measure in our door-to-door model (http://visual.innaxis.org/dataset2050/d2d-time-distribution/)

After interesting results about what is European door-to-door “reachability” in a certain amount of time (http://visual.innaxis.org/dataset2050/d2d-time-distribution/)

After interesting results in the “reachability” metric looking at the door-to-door price (http://visual.innaxis.org/dataset2050/d2d-price-map/)

our beloved CSA DATASET2050 have reached to its end!

But this is not the end! For future reference: our website with the public deliverables, presentations/videos during events, visualizations

and somehow a DATASET2050 continuation: H2020 CAMERA CSA kicked-off last month with a very similar consortium

PS: All the research done would not be feasible without the incredible team. In alphabetical order: Andrew, Annika, Dave, David, Gerald, Graham, Inés, Luis, Pete, Patricia, Paula, Samuel, Seddik, Ulrike and myself (Hector). Apologies for those missing in the pictures below!



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